Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Stars over Ice" - worth following

I haven't posted or a while. I am working pretty hard in business at the moment, and my primary research focus is piecing together the full story of James Fitzjames' mother, and of her family.  Believe me it is a remarkable story and when I have it all, with all the proof I need, I will publish it in the Kindle second edition of my book.  But I am keeping quiet until that has been completed.

In the meantime the global community of people who care about the Franklin Expedition and their terrible fate continues to grow - something which heartens me enormously.

A new blog has appeared: "Stars over Ice" by .  The link is here

I have never had the privilege of meeting 'Jaeschylus' but she has always been an intelligent and perceptive commentator on my blogs and others and I commend this blog to you all.  I am sure that she will add usefully to our knowledge.